Upcoming nights & events


Ghost House in full force at Oak Street Speakeasy. Show us your best costume, or everyday wear, whichever it happens to be for you. I know certain of our regulars are always impeccably and amazingly dressed.  DJ Zahra guests.

There will be NO ghost house in November, but on November 7th- yet to be confirmed- is a date at Luckey’s for DJ Refugium.

REGULAR GHOST HOUSE RETURNS ON 12/5/12 at Oak Street Speakeasy, natch.

Other assorted info:

John The Revelator will still be DJing 80’s night every Thursday at John Henry’s, forever, even though the bar has sold.

Is anyone interested in an industrial night at Cowfish? Let us know if you are.

NEMESIS (the other G/I/dark dance/metallish stuff/etc night) is probably moving to Friday- details TBA.

There is a group of Corvallis Goths meeting up, details on our Facebook page.

Icon of Coil at the Fez was fucking great, you should have been there.

And in my mailbox today: the newly released Skinny Puppy album Bootlegged, Broke, and In Solvent Seas- which by the name I’m guessing is a ploy to get me and other actual buyers of music to pay their rent- and they have only to ask. This album features versions of Worlock, Assimilate, Addiction and others from concerts in Bratislava and Warsaw and a couple of other eastern European places. I’ll be happy to spin it for you on Halloween night. ❤ Refugium

The Razor Skyline is visible from here….

Getting really excited to go see Razor Skyline and Soil & Eclipse in Portland! We tried to get them a show here but Eugene has a lack of venues available in the short time frame we had. Nonetheless, we have a giant box of goodies to give away at Ghost House this week- posters, stickers, a t-shirt, and several copies of their brand new CD, Dark Water Oasis, which is REALLY GOOD. Show starts at 9 PM this Wednesday! See you there! 

Guest + host = ghost

I am sorry to inform everyone that Michael Kurt of [product] won’t be able to play with us tomorrow as he has a funeral to attend. Of all the reasons to not be able to play a gig this is the one that I am always saddened to hear, and I hope that he can find peace with the loss. We are thinking of him and invite him warmly to come play with us in the future. We look forward to a great Wednesday night nonetheless, and are experimenting with our format, so please come listen, dance, and let us know what you think. 

Thank you, all, for your support through the years. Life is short and art is long. 

❤ Refugium

April playlists for your viewing pleasure

DJ Refugium: Strangelove, Lightbringer (Cov ft. Necro Facility), the 10 minute remix of “Standing There” by the Creatures- to which awesome people danced the entire time-, 2nd Sight (frozen autumn), This Is My Rifle (combichrist), A Day (xymox), The Principal {[product], who may be playing in Eugene this summer}, Leaders Of Men (joy division), Assimilate (R23 mix), Xavier (dead can dance), and a bunch more. 


DJ Abulikah: 

Cocteau Twins – Great Spangled Fritilliary Sleep Chamber – Anakonda Siouxsie & the Banshees – Song From the Edge of the World Tones on Tail – Rain Chameleons – Paper Tigers Southern Death Cult – The Girl B Movie – Nowhere Girl Laibach – Opus Dei Death in June – Born Again Sisters of Mercy – Floorshow March Violets – Snake Dance Blitz – Telecommunication Legendary Pink Dots – When I’m With You Xmal Deutschland – Eiland Alien Sex Fiend – Ignore the Machine Sex Gang Children – Sebastiane Christian Death – Romeo’s Distress  Siouxsie & the Banshees – Trophy Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Nothing Wrong This Mortal Coil – The Jeweller Chameleons – In Shreds Specimen – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Love and Rockets – Holiday on the Moon Jesus and Mary Chain – On the Wall (Porta Studio Demo) Legendary Pink Dots – Princess Coldheart

Zonewire comes to Eugene!

We are super excited to welcome Zonewire to Eugene on March 31st- that’s a Saturday- at Oak Street Speakeasy! They’ve opened for Covenant and Rotersand and now they are playing for us! Black Magdalene and the DJ’s from Ghost House will round out a night that goes from organic darkwave through a great dance set and ends up with balls to the wall modern industrial bliss!

4 days!

Next Ghost House is in 4 days! This coming Wednesday we’ll be joined by Owen of the Church of Hive from Portland, who blesses us with his superlative taste in music each time. John The Revelator will be there and DJ Zahra is back from SoCal! Come dance to the darkness!



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