Ghost House Mad March Alice Party 2017

march2017It’s our annual Alice In Wonderland costume party! Come join us for a night of goth, industrial and darkwave music courtesy of the all-female dj crew- Perfidia, Ultrajet (pdx) and Refugium spinning dark classics all night long. Prize for best Wonderland-themed costume. $3 21+

This event is part of an Emerald City Gothic Weekend which includes a Dark Arts Market from 2-6 PM on Saturday the 11th,
Followed by a concert from Felled, Black Magdalene, Soriah, and Atriarch at 9 PM ($12, 21+)


Wow, it has been a great year.

Happy Solstice to everyone who celebrates it, and other assorted holidays to the rest of you. :0)

This year has been incredible and we look forward to the spring.

I’m going to put out an end of the year request list before I head to Mexico for a bit. Including a tour of at least one goth bar in Mexico City along with the punk rock mercado. Super excited about that. I’m going to bring stuff back and start a pop up shop at ghost house. Not even kidding. The scene is amazing in the D. F.

I thank all of you that came out for our nights and also for the live shows and Black Rainbow, which (overheard) someone described as a not-very-gothy-goth-night. Well, that is true, but it is dark dance. There is a lamentable shortage of eyeliner and hairspray at that night, though. I blame myself for not modeling an example. The best I managed was a Marie Antoinette wig, which, no joke, I’ll wear around town next time I think of it. I’ve always wanted to be the local eccentric but OMG, have you seen the competition in this town???

OK, so short of requests, there are a few things I can’t stop listening to. They are: Slow by Twin Shadow, which will be too poppy for most of you; all of Altar Da Fey, and all of Forever Grey. And wow, the latest black tape for a blue girl is fucking great. AND, omg, the latest Black Marble release, which is just cake. Let them eat cake. Love you all, ❤ Refugium



Summer lights

Many things are happening in ghost world. Here’s a convenient list of upcoming events:

July 7th at 9 PM is a Ghost House Retrospective, featuring DJs Spidersound and Perfidia with resident Refugium. We will be playing sets from the request lists of the past 6 years and taking current requests. This will be the last Thursday for a while, so if that night works best for you please come take advantage of it.

July 28th is Black Rainbow, a queer dark electro night that takes place at the Wayward Lamb. DJs John The Revelator and Refugium. Though the classics of the canon can be heard here sometimes, the emphasis is on newer music which may or may not be industrial/ goth/ etc. depending on one’s parameters. The aesthetic is dark, though, and Ghost House regulars are emphatically welcome.

August 5th, a FRIDAY, Ghost House returns with guest djs to be announced– but probably not our usual stalwarts. Look for deep cuts and weird bands on this one.

September 3rd, a SATURDAY, finally! We will be moving to Saturdays from this night forward, with much relief. This means that John The Revelator can come back into the fold.

September 9th, a Friday, THE SPIRITUAL BAT (from Italy) and BLACK MAGDALENE (from Eugene with DJ Refugium spinning sets in & around. The Spiritual Bat is the most legitimate deathrock/ traditional goth band I’ve seen come through these parts and you owe it to yourself to mark this on the calendar if you’re one of the people who knows what 4AD is and can tell the difference between Rozz and Valor. They aren’t as well known in the US as they are in Europe, where they have been on the bill of festivals such as the Wroclaw Castle Party and Wave Gothik Treffen as well as touring extensively to play for appreciative audiences. We are lucky to be on their tour for a second time.

And finally Saturday, October 1st marks the Return of Owen. Not seen in these parts since the early days of Ghost House, he is a regular at Hive (Portland) and Dark Shadows (San Francisco). John The Revelator and I agree that he is one of our favorite djs ever.


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