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A monthly DJ night specializing in goth, industrial, darkwave, and other gloomy stompy wonderful music, based in Eugene, Oregon.

Zonewire comes to Eugene!

We are super excited to welcome Zonewire to Eugene on March 31st- that’s a Saturday- at Oak Street Speakeasy! They’ve opened for Covenant and Rotersand and now they are playing for us! Black Magdalene and the DJ’s from Ghost House will round out a night that goes from organic darkwave through a great dance set and ends up with balls to the wall modern industrial bliss!

4 days!

Next Ghost House is in 4 days! This coming Wednesday we’ll be joined by Owen of the Church of Hive from Portland, who blesses us with his superlative taste in music each time. John The Revelator will be there and DJ Zahra is back from SoCal! Come dance to the darkness!




…. are circulating that there is a new Ghost House. Well, there is and there isn’t.

Here’s the straight dope:

We are no longer the only goth night in town- there is a new one. It’s called Nemesis Underground and it’s at Diablo’s, in the basement, under the Karaoke. It’s every Sunday night (which is awesome) and it runs strictly from 10 PM to 2 AM. There is a $3 cover and well drinks are a buck fifty.

Who’s doing it?

We are, with an assortment of rotating DJs. We were invited by the organizers.

Is it the same music as Ghost House? Not really. It is slightly newer, dancier, and loungier. It’s entirely laptop driven- no vinyl goodness.

Are we worried about competing with ourselves? Have we forsaken the Speakeasy? No, and no. We love the Speakeasy and will never stop doing Ghost House until Mac kicks us out. We want that to be abundantly clear. GH is not going anywhere and Mac has been kept in the loop all along the line. (For that matter so have Troy and Matt, the organizers of Nemesis.) Our loyalty is unquestioned.

Did we think that after all this time it might be good to seize the opportunity to do a weekly night and see how it goes? Yes, we did. It’s still a weeknight and people still need to go to work the following morning. We think of Nemesis as a grand experiment and we hope you’ll check it out if you are so inclined.

❤ to all y’all,


Playlists for January 4th 2012:

 in no particular order and probably not complete: 

Refugium: Massive Attack: Angel. Doubting Thomas: Father Don’t Cry. Jay Harker’s Bela remix (sorry about that). Angelspit: Ditch the Rest. Time Center: Third Live Remix. APOP: Nonstop Violence. IOC: Shelter. Horrors: Scarlet Fields. Sioux: Christine. F242: Headhunter. Wump: Let the wind erase me. SP: Dig It. Xtian Death: Electra Descending. Sisterhood: Not My God. DM: Leave In Silence. Ikon: Reality Is Lost. White Ring: Suffocation.