Who are we?

We are a resident dj/organizer and a lighting/film guy (who is also a badass bass player) with a love of goth, dark 80s, industrial, witchhouse, newwave, darkwave, retro, noise, and experimental music. In 2009 we looked around for someplace to dance to all this and didn’t find one. We started to scheme with a second, much more experienced DJ- John The Revelator – who shared his experience with us and was part of the Ghost House crew as a resident until he left for Portland in 2015. With the gracious assistance of our ex-hostess, Mac, proprietress of Oak Street Speakeasy, we found a home and Ghost House was born. We know that it’s easy to get spoiled with a veritable surfeit of dark dance nights, such as Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco might have, but in our little town, there are dancers who have told us they literally start jonesing for what we play when they wake up the morning after.

After 4 years, Oak Street Speakeasy closed due to lease issues, and we moved to The Green Room, still on the first Wednesday of each month. They hosted us well, but the ambiance left something to be desired. When Old Nick’s Pub opened up, with scene-friendly owners and a much better sound system, we jumped at the chance to go be a part of it. In recent years we have helped to bring more bands to town, including [product], The Spiritual Bat from Italy, Altar De Fey, Strap On Halo, Shadowlands, and Trance To The Sun. Old Nick’s offers us a much greater opportunity to do this much more often.

We have guest DJs every month and they are often locals. If you would like to DJ for us, and you’re local to Eugene, don’t email: instead come dance at Ghost House and get a feel for it, then introduce yourself. Traveling djs are also invited to message us through the Ghost House facebook page to make arrangements. The equipment we use includes two Technics 1200’s with Shure needles and an 8 channel Denon mixer with lots of room for laptop ins. We also have available a pair of Numark NDX400s (information here). Some of our DJs have had no experience and some are seasoned professionals. Our night is about community first and foremost.

We are also very happy to be a local liaison for bands of these genres that are traveling through. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance on your tour- though we recommend that you contact the venues directly, we can support with advice, hospitality and promotion. We’re also available to spin between sets in exchange for comp tickets or merchandise. We love live music.


2 thoughts on “Who are we?”

    1. Hi! Our cover charge was always $4. occasionally we did raise it to $5 if we had bands or an expensive DJ to support and pay out. Sorry, I’m just now seeing this. Did you have us confused with another night maybe? I know Chemical Burn is $5 but they are run by different people.

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