Goth weekend was brilliant

We may be terrible at keeping a blog, but goddamn we put on good events.

The last shows of The Xploding Boys were a treat and a wonder to witness, Devoured By Flowers were really excellent, and Regal Nonchalant was lovely.

The Dark Arts Market *swoooon* is fantastic. Every one we put on is great. So many lovely and unusual things. Amazing art prints, skulls of wee beasties, coffin bookshelves, tarot readings, watch and thimble jewelry, and many things that smelled delightful. The raffle at the market raised $170 for Planned Parenthood and Greenhill Humane Society!

And the dance party afterward wasn’t so bad either… if we do say so ourselves.

Next up we have October’s Ghost House with DJs Refugium, Marshmallow, and Unit 77! DJ Unit 77 is djing for Nitzer Ebb in San Francisco next week, and then coming up here just for us. That will be on October 12th at 9 PM at Old Nick’s.

And in November we hit our 10 year anniversary. Wow. For some moments in life, there are no words.

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