When DJ PTSD isn’t defending beautiful people from assholes, he and I plan events for you, and also support beautiful people doing cool things. This is what we are up to in the next few months:

July 18: The Cure at Hyde Park is playing at the Broadway theater, and there still might be tickets. I double dog dare everyone to show up in red lipstick with teased hair. 7 PM

3 PM Dj Refugium vinyl set at CD World– this may be the last of this series, since Skip and his wife are retiring, waaaaahhhhhh….. but also we wish them the very, very best.

9 PM Particle Son and Ghost Motor at Old Nick’s followed by our pal Jozhur djing. I wish I could go to this. However:

9:30 PM Metamorphosis at Spectrum: Queer dark synthy gothy futurepoppy goodness with DJ Static.

July 26 930 PM Refugium is spinning vinyl with John The Revelator at Church Of 80’s. Blairally. You know I’ll get some Sisters in there and you know I’ll dig deep.

August 9th 8 PM DJs Refugium and Static go north to the Lovecraft to support Cummunion’s first anniversary. Much excite!

August 10th 9 PM GHOST HOUSE featuring DJ Skully from Hive (pdx) and DJ Jody Rose from, well, everywhere, joining Ian Dustrial and Refugium.

September 13th and 14th EMERALD GOTHIC WEEKEND returns with The Exploding Boys and Devoured By Flowers, for starters, another band TBA. Dark Arts Market on Saturday the 14th and classic Ghost House with DJ Non later that night. More details to come.

That’s the news from here–
Cheers ❤ Refugium

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