why dress codes exist at goth clubs

Last night for the first time in a long time there was someone who didn’t belong at our night. not because of any inherent quality but because of their behavior. Aggression towards one of our beautiful patrons, dancing in what looked liked a mocking fashion, mimicking people and generally being a total ass.

This person would have failed dress code, if we had one. We’ve never needed to have one. But I have been to many goth clubs that do have a rule against blue jeans or baseball caps. I hate, really hate, the idea of stereotyping anyone just because they dress any particular way- because guess what? that happens to goths ALL THE DAMN TIME and I don’t want to sink to that level. In addition, it wouldn’t keep people safe from those who know they can gain access just by wearing black. Someone intent on real harm to our community could be a bigot in dark clothing and still start shit.

Sad but true is the fact that many of us grew up being harassed by “jocks” and “preps” and although it sounds like John Hughes made it up I’m willing to bet that goth harassment is still happening every day in every high school.

If the answer to everyone feeling safer is to set a filter at the door, I would actually consider it.

One thought on “why dress codes exist at goth clubs”

  1. Some of the best random interactions I have had at Ghost House happen to be with people that would fail a dress code. I would feel sad to see things go that way. Any time you have a public event you have to be vigilant looking out for trouble because every cross section of humanity can bring it. Its up to all of us to bring it to attention when it happens. I have done it before and will again anytime I think something is not right.

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