We’re baaaack….

Actually we never left, just got busy.

I always have the best of intentions with blogs, only to find that I can’t stick with it. That said, there is all kinds of information and quite a community on Facebook if you’re interested in what we are up to.

At this point I want to reframe this page a bit to be less the face of Ghost House, although it can’t help but be, and a bit more about the music that is Goth (and sometimes industrial, deathrock, shoegaze, post-punk*, you get the idea).

To that end I’m going to start sticking up music and book reviews when I see fit, and also a sort of rolling concert calendar. I may not link to all the events or albums I list, but that is what Google is for. Hope you all like it.

❤ DJ Refugium

Shows coming up:
TSOL at Luckeys, Eugene, OR 3/27/18
Ministry and Chelsea Wolfe, Portland, OR 3/28/18
ACTORS with Sandi Leeper and The Bitter Ends, Eugene, OR 4/5/18– This will be a hell of a show. Check out Actors here: https://actors.bandcamp.com/
We Are Parasols, Eugene, OR 4/8/18.
Soft Kill (SO GOOD, saw them open for Boy Harsher in PDX, you want to see them) with Vowws, Eugene, OR, 4/9/18

GHOST HOUSE APRIL 14TH with Abulikah and Heath and Refugium, Old Nicks, 3 PM 😀

Front 242- One of the original, amazing, old school industrial bands is back again. See them in Portland or come on up to Seattle as we are on 4/22. EPIC.
Definitely not old school, but industrial– Grendel in Portland on 5/1. That's gonna be a great show too.

This is huge and deserves its own post. If you want to vend at the Dark Arts Market on Saturday, here is the link to the registration form:
More details about the market are in the form.

And more to come!

*BTW, I think post-punk is as stupid a "genre" as you can get because everything is now post-punk. I mean, seriously- Punk is still not dead but it's definitely in it's 40's right about now and should start exercising and cutting down on the fun stuff. Katy Perry is technically post-punk, so is Hansen. That's why I don't use the term much, it's meaningless. Just my opinion!

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