DJ Refugium setlist, April 2017 (GH #90)

Set un:

  • Sex on the flag- KMFDM
  • God Is God- Juno Reactor
  • Inertia Creeps- Massive Attack
  • Disorder- Joy Division
  • Julia- Asylum Party
  • Othila- 6 Comm
  • Prurient- Crosses
  • Black Sun- Dead Can Dance
  • Lilya Forever- Cygnets

Set deux:

  • No Name, No Slogan- Acid Horse
  • Master & Servant
  • Hot Hot Hot (Francois Kevorkian rmx)
  • All Day Remix
  • New York- Microchip League
  • Don’t Blow Your Top- KMFDM
  • Pursuit-Gesaffelstein

Set trois– right before this set, one of the other djs informs me that we’ve been chosen as the after party for a symposium about ecoterrorism, so of course I have to start with:

  • Bad Trash- Switchblade Symphony
  • American Soviets- CCCP
  • Lost Souls- Trust
  • Red Light
  • West End Girls- Prayers
  • Some Kind Of Stranger- Sisters Of Mercy
  • Spiders- Ashbury Heights
  • Something I Left Behind- Imperative Reaction
  • Julia- Combichrist
  • Confetti- Cold Cave
  • Nature Of Inviting- IAMX
  • Military Fashion Show- And One
  • Boy- Book Of Love
  • Last song: Shallow Then Halo- Cocteau Twins

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