Wow, it has been a great year.

Happy Solstice to everyone who celebrates it, and other assorted holidays to the rest of you. :0)

This year has been incredible and we look forward to the spring.

I’m going to put out an end of the year request list before I head to Mexico for a bit. Including a tour of at least one goth bar in Mexico City along with the punk rock mercado. Super excited about that. I’m going to bring stuff back and start a pop up shop at ghost house. Not even kidding. The scene is amazing in the D. F.

I thank all of you that came out for our nights and also for the live shows and Black Rainbow, which (overheard) someone described as a not-very-gothy-goth-night. Well, that is true, but it is dark dance. There is a lamentable shortage of eyeliner and hairspray at that night, though. I blame myself for not modeling an example. The best I managed was a Marie Antoinette wig, which, no joke, I’ll wear around town next time I think of it. I’ve always wanted to be the local eccentric but OMG, have you seen the competition in this town???

OK, so short of requests, there are a few things I can’t stop listening to. They are: Slow by Twin Shadow, which will be too poppy for most of you; all of Altar Da Fey, and all of Forever Grey. And wow, the latest black tape for a blue girl is fucking great. AND, omg, the latest Black Marble release, which is just cake. Let them eat cake. Love you all, ❤ Refugium



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