We are undead…

Having taken a hiatus from updating this site, we’re now able to pay attention to it again. We have some great nights coming up at Old Nick’s and we hope you will come out, dress up, and dance!

First is the Cinco De Mayo Casa De Fantasmas. We will be highlighting some of the great goth and industrial coming out of Mexico and Latin America in the past few decades. There will be tacos and deathrock! DJ John The Revelator is joining Ghrimm and Refugium for the first time in several months! Come on down! Here’s an event link.

Second, on June 2nd, it will be another lady DJ extravaganza with Christy Hill, Perfidia and Refugium spinning dark dance from all decades.

And in July, there are rumors (to be confirmed) of a night from two local gentlemen who haven’t played in this capacity in a long time: Scott McGahan and Abe Nobody are considering stepping up to the wheels with their collections in hand.

Ghost House is usually on the first Thursday of the month if you are trying to plan in advance. It’s rare that we get the chance to play on a Friday or Saturday. We start at 9 and are 21 & over. We try not to charge a cover because we are the only people currently representing these genres and we want everyone to be able to come down. If you love us, buy drinks or slip us a tip. }:^D

As always, we thank you very much for listening and joining us in this dark delight.

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