Moving to our third venue, Old Nicks!

Here is a link to the event:

We truly appreciate the Green Room and their hosting of us for the last year. Our bartender, Nicole, worked double shifts because she liked our music. The chef, Kevin, made literally the best side salads I have ever had. But the sound system was a crapshoot, and there were times where we got saved by Sir Gee of Five and Dan Craig of OneWub, because without them we would not have had sound at all.

When we heard that Old Nick’s was opening, we contacted them and they were very excited to host us. The sound system is already really good. The owners are actually into our scene (that’s a change from the last year, for sure)! And the potential crossover with live acts is really high, with punk and industrial shows already booked and more to come.

A Thursday night is definitely easier for most of us to deal with than a Wednesday, but there may be times when we get bumped to Friday or Saturday (terrible, I know, right?) and we are really looking forward to that possibility as well.

As with every change there will probably be rough spots and uncertainty, but we absolutely welcome the chance to improve. We hope you will come with us!

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