Less than a week till next Ghost House, hooray!


Next date is February 6th at the ever-awesome locals bar, Oak Street Speakeasy!

John The Revelator is out of town but DJs Spider and Abulikah will be on hand to help me out. 

There are rumors that DJ Owen, formerly of Hive in Portland, will be up from San Francisco in March. We hope so because he is amazing and we’ve missed him. 

Yet to be confirmed for sure, but Steampunk is coming up and this time around Luckey’s may be hosting the night. We thought a 100 year old bar might be an appropriate backdrop. 

Also coming soon, as in February 9th, Blairally Arcade will be hosting the Revelator and myself for an electro/80s/new wave night called Electric Dreams. It’s planned to be 99.9% vinyl. Hope to see some of you there. 

The gorgeous picture above is from the delectable book Japanese Goth, available on Amazon. I love seeing subcultures morph from place to place. This book has more than the expected Visual Kei and Alice & The Pirates photography, it’s also got the work of several visual artists whose work is breathtaking. 

Also want to mention that there has been a re-release of NamNamBuLu‘s first album on vinyl. As usual it’s a toss-up whether that package from Germany (which also includes a Funker Vogt single) will make it before next Wednesday, but if it does, you know what I’m playing… 

❤ Refugium

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