Upcoming nights & events


Ghost House in full force at Oak Street Speakeasy. Show us your best costume, or everyday wear, whichever it happens to be for you. I know certain of our regulars are always impeccably and amazingly dressed.  DJ Zahra guests.

There will be NO ghost house in November, but on November 7th- yet to be confirmed- is a date at Luckey’s for DJ Refugium.

REGULAR GHOST HOUSE RETURNS ON 12/5/12 at Oak Street Speakeasy, natch.

Other assorted info:

John The Revelator will still be DJing 80’s night every Thursday at John Henry’s, forever, even though the bar has sold.

Is anyone interested in an industrial night at Cowfish? Let us know if you are.

NEMESIS (the other G/I/dark dance/metallish stuff/etc night) is probably moving to Friday- details TBA.

There is a group of Corvallis Goths meeting up, details on our Facebook page.

Icon of Coil at the Fez was fucking great, you should have been there.

And in my mailbox today: the newly released Skinny Puppy album Bootlegged, Broke, and In Solvent Seas- which by the name I’m guessing is a ploy to get me and other actual buyers of music to pay their rent- and they have only to ask. This album features versions of Worlock, Assimilate, Addiction and others from concerts in Bratislava and Warsaw and a couple of other eastern European places. I’ll be happy to spin it for you on Halloween night. ❤ Refugium

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