Spring Ghost House events

We are very excited with the lineups for the next few months! This night just keeps getting more amazing.

March 9th (so soon!) is our annual Dark Alice party. Costumes are expected! There will be a prize for best costume at midnight. Our backdrop this year is live play of the video game Alice: The Madness Continues, and you get to play it! This is the sequel to the infamous American McGee’s Alice, in which Wonderland gets gothier and more murderous. Come guide Alice through Wonderland as she defends herself from her nightmares and hallucinations. Of course, there will also be exquisite dark music across all associated genres spun by DJs Refugium, Non, Perfidia and Spidersound, so make sure you can dance in your costume! $4 cover.

April 5th at the Wandering Goat: This is an exceptionally cool show which everyone should attend. Deathrock/ new goth band Altar De Fey from San Francisco are playing at the Goat in support of their new album- give it a listen here. . Their last album was in multiple top tens of the genre in the year it came out, and you’ve heard it at Ghost House more than once! Vueltas from Portland are also playing, and this is the live debut of PalePrey, a new original deathrock band from Eugene. We didn’t organize this one, but you know we will be there and so should you! ALL AGES, bring the babybats!

April 13th, Ghost House goes live to present you with two bands who happen to be traveling through. At 9 is Vio\ator from San Francisco: I’m rather at a loss to describe this project but I like it immensely. Have a listen. Following this, we are super excited to have new goth band Rosegarden Funeral Party back from Dallas, TX! They are stunners, with frontwoman Leah Lane bringing her fantastic vocal style on all original music (here’s a video). You will kick yourself for missing them, so come early for the live music. After the bands will be classic Ghost House sets to finish the night, from DJs John The Revelator, Abulikah, and Refugium

Details are still being worked out for the Eugene Gothic Weekender, but here’s what we have planned so far: Friday May 10th will be a great live show featuring Adrian H and the Wounds and Sex Park, both from Portland. Opening lineup is tentatively PalePrey and The Bitter Ends. I would travel to Portland for this lineup, but you don’t need to! The next day we have the spring Dark Arts Market with all kinds of vendors- and if you are interested in vending, it’s not too late, send a message to djrefugium at g mail expressing your interest. Saturday night May 11th will be a full night of Ghost House with DJ Owen from San Francisco, joined by PTSD and Refugium, finishing out the weekend with his always-amazing sets. More info here as we have it, and on facebook.

Keep the dark faith! We love your made-up faces. ❤ Refugium

Eugene Gothic Weekend, Fall Edition

On September 7th and 8th, Eugene Gothic Weekend will return with a full lineup of bands and a Dark Arts Market! Save the date. More details to come, but the band lineup is exciting:

Headliners are Devoured By Flowers, freshly back from a west coast tour.
Here is a video and here is their Bandcamp. Their latest full album, Moonscape Hotel, is reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins and Echo and the Bunnymen, and they are very, very good live.

Next up is the local dark tribal group Black Magdalene, always beautiful and dramatic. They will just have performed at Faerieworlds and are in the process of writing a new album, out soon.

Finally, a recent collaboration found at the Lovecraft in Portland- Loverload are a duo performing what could best be described as dark synth shoegaze.

Ghost House will take place Friday September 7th!

Dark Arts Market will be on Saturday September 8th and will feature many wonderful vendors.

Eugene Gothic Weekend

We are very excited to bring back Eugene Gothic Weekend next May! It was a huge success last September and March. We have some truly excellent bands and DJs lined up for you, along with the return of the Dark Arts Market!

Ghost House will be on FRIDAY instead of Saturday and we are featuring three ladies of Goth. In addition to DJ Refugium you’ll hear selections from DJ Nervosa (Seattle, Baltic Room and Mercury) and also DJ Skully from Portland (Hive).

The Dark Arts Market will take place on SATURDAY from 1-6 PM. It is all ages in the parking lot and 21+ in the venue, in accordance with OLCC rules. This event is free. We have a plethora of artisans and merchants bringing goods from far and wide for your perusal. Everything from bones to stones to books to tarot decks will be represented.

Friday night are four Oregon bands that represent a variety of sounds across the genre. Starting at 7 is Black Woofer, local synthetic industrial. He’ll be followed by The Bitter Ends, covering a variety of classics with some original material as well. Next up will be Vibrissae from Portland with their beautiful electronic shoegaze. And to close out the night, we are excited to welcome The Xploding Boys. This Cure cover band is spot on and will delight us by playing the entire Head On The Door album for a start! Plan to join us and stay up late!

Advance wristbands for the weekend get you into both Friday and Saturday for just $10! You can buy them using paypal here, or at the April Ghost House from the djs. It will be $12 at the door for both, so save a few bucks by buying in advance.

We’re baaaack….

Actually we never left, just got busy.

I always have the best of intentions with blogs, only to find that I can’t stick with it. That said, there is all kinds of information and quite a community on Facebook if you’re interested in what we are up to.

At this point I want to reframe this page a bit to be less the face of Ghost House, although it can’t help but be, and a bit more about the music that is Goth (and sometimes industrial, deathrock, shoegaze, post-punk*, you get the idea).

To that end I’m going to start sticking up music and book reviews when I see fit, and also a sort of rolling concert calendar. I may not link to all the events or albums I list, but that is what Google is for. Hope you all like it.

❤ DJ Refugium

Shows coming up:
TSOL at Luckeys, Eugene, OR 3/27/18
Ministry and Chelsea Wolfe, Portland, OR 3/28/18
ACTORS with Sandi Leeper and The Bitter Ends, Eugene, OR 4/5/18– This will be a hell of a show. Check out Actors here: https://actors.bandcamp.com/
We Are Parasols, Eugene, OR 4/8/18.
Soft Kill (SO GOOD, saw them open for Boy Harsher in PDX, you want to see them) with Vowws, Eugene, OR, 4/9/18

GHOST HOUSE APRIL 14TH with Abulikah and Heath and Refugium, Old Nicks, 3 PM 😀

Front 242- One of the original, amazing, old school industrial bands is back again. See them in Portland or come on up to Seattle as we are on 4/22. EPIC.
Definitely not old school, but industrial– Grendel in Portland on 5/1. That's gonna be a great show too.

This is huge and deserves its own post. If you want to vend at the Dark Arts Market on Saturday, here is the link to the registration form:
More details about the market are in the form.

And more to come!

*BTW, I think post-punk is as stupid a "genre" as you can get because everything is now post-punk. I mean, seriously- Punk is still not dead but it's definitely in it's 40's right about now and should start exercising and cutting down on the fun stuff. Katy Perry is technically post-punk, so is Hansen. That's why I don't use the term much, it's meaningless. Just my opinion!

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